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Greg is a British born Digital Creative and Strategist residing in Stockholm, Sweden. Working professionally since 1998 both online and off, he has created communication & creative solutions for global brands such as: Lee Jeans, Budweiser, Orange, Sony Music/Levi, Converse, Diet Coke, adidas, Volvo, BMW, Universal, H&M and the BBC - to name a selection. His focus today lies within people centric digital channels, creating more meaningful experiences and solutions, helping brands to realise their position by creating strategies, driving brand direction, raising awareness, assisting brand vision, and pushing core values.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

STREAMTIME - Better Management

Running a company/team/project is not just about great ideas and creative thinking...
it's just as much about good management and planning and seems where a lot of companies slip up. 
Goodbye Excel, hello Streamline! Watch this video, seems like a great program which could help any 
company! Now I need to get on with my lovely creative ideas!

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