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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Back to blog...

Well it's been sometime since my last blog post! After a lovely extended Xmas and New Year holiday in Morocco...
we're well into 2011 now, it's almost like there wasn't any holiday or even a 2010. Where does the time go?
But being busy is a good thing ;-)

Thanks to all my readers/viewers in the world. The most interesting thing I've found is that I now have more
visitors from Australia, jumping up to number 2, below the US but just ahead of Sweden and the UK. Thanks Oz!

During my time away from blogging I've immersed myself in a lot of reading, 2010 in reflection and all the
fantastic predictions for 2011 and beyond. In January social media was ablaze with brands, forums and individuals
sharing and blogging like crazy. I decided to take the opposite approach and let everyone try and shout over each other...
opting to look for my own 2011, based on where we've been, 2010, industry innovations, social and people shifts... etc.

Mico-blogging has also sucked me in more, my iPad makes it a much easier way to view content faster and keep
informed, since July last year my UX with the device has shifted (tablets will change behavior a lot, but in time)
but my Read It Later apps have come more into play, resulting in a good way to store links but making it harder
to finish longer articles :-( I hope to reverse this habit this year, somehow.

Apart from reading up on many different subjects lately, I've been rather busy with work projects and private
projects, some of which I will showcase here in the next few months.
And, as well as focusing on all the new creative inspiration and innovation stuff (as usual), I'll also be revisiting
and clearing out my blog folder (the vast collection of planned but never realized links) from over the years, to then
post the most creative, interesting and still valid things.
If time is on my side, or even not, I will endeavor to post more, realising the personal value of a blog again...
remembering why I originally started to blog, with or without visitors.

Anyway enough about me, check out this cool vid from London NYE...

When I first saw this after the holidays, my first impressions were...

1) Wow! Amazing! I miss London (well sometimes maybe)
2) WTF, 10 minutes of fireworks! Why didn't they give the money to charity or something/someone in more need?
3) Well, London and the UK are in need. After the hard y€ar or so, everyone can do with cheering up right?
Plus, this works as a great PR tool for the city of London, keeping it on the world map. The 2012 Olympics are just
round the corner, London needs those tourists!

Have a great 2011, more posts coming, speak soon ;-)

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