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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Project Re: Brief: Re-imagining Advertising

I've been meaning to post this for a while, if you have an hour this is well worth
watching. If you don't have an hour, find an hour to watch it all the way through!
You will definitely gain something if you work in the fields of creativity and marketing.

Although this is a Google project, it's not really about Google. The main thing to gain from
the film and project is the combination of a good idea or concept working in unison with
a technology or emerging technology to create better communication or even better...
connecting people and connecting to people with more value.

With almost two decades of online communication, digital ads are still being used to 
simply inform more than they're being used to connect, engage or entertain.

Project Re: Brief is a great experiment whereby Google partnered with five of the
brightest "old-school" legends from advertising to re-imagine their most iconic
creative work from a half-century ago for the modern web, for 4 global brands...
Coca-Cola, Volvo, Alka-Seltzer, Avis.

This experiment to re-imagine what advertising can be and push the boundaries of
how creative ideas and our technology can work hand in hand is a great example of
new world advertising. For people that have worked within digital communication 
for sometime, the key benefits and insights are not necessarily new, but there are
still more clients and companies that are still treating banners as traditional static
advertising or un-engaging forced messaging. More people are on the web, surfing
content and being engaged, so the need to create better ads is now a must.

The full potential of the internet has yet to be realised, where it will be in 10 or 20
years is just a guess, but advertising in some form will be present. One thing for sure
is that products and services will be more individually communicated, something we're
just seeing the light of now. But to get to better digital communication with better
values which mean more to people, we must inspire and inform clients and companies
of the changes and how to engage with costumers of today and tomorrow. There're
behaviours, buying habits and values have already shifted, so the main question at the
moment and everyday, has to be the one below...

I'm surprised the basis for this project hasn't been done before, re-imagining older
concepts in a modern world. I hope Google do more, the insights you can get from 
the original idea creators are lessons many creatives tend to bypass these days. 

More about the project here...

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