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Friday, 18 January 2013

Joining The Dotes, 2013 and beyond! Part 1

2013 looks set to be an exciting year and one of constant twists, turns and shifts for brands and agencies to keep on
top of. Due to the never ending and accelerating technological advances, brands and agencies need to plan and focus
on what is coming, rather than just adapting to what is needed or happening today. Having the ability to be agile and
execute fast before others will be based on good R&D, greater knowledge and pre-planning…
with consumer eyes and ROI even more focused on, relevance, innovation and brand betterness.

Below are some topics that I will be exploring more in 2013. Many of the subjects I have been talking about on this
blog before and with clients over the years. The interesting thing is how they have become more revenant today
and are maturing faster than ever, the future is now and how and when brands adapt is the key. 

Mobile is now fully here… there is no should we, but rather… how do we? When it comes to mobile and tablet
development or marketing through the devices, it is not so much about the device themselves, but the power they contain
(such as location tools) and importantly when creating communication or services, relate and design systems around
people's behaviour and lifestyles.

The subjects below are interconnected, so bare with me if the same references or connecting term comes up.


The Internet of things (everything), is a buzz term at the moment and we will be hearing a lot about it in 2013… 
but what about the humanisation of things??? 

As everyone is now using digital and everything becomes digital and connected, how can we humanise technology 
and digital experiences more? It is only natural there will and is a counter culture, perhaps not mass… but niche. 
You can already see signs of companies and brands acting on this, be it the rise of boutique hotels to companies 
that encourage you to disconnect… or companies that create selling points, products and services based on your 
over connection and ability not to handle it. Time is the most valued commodity today!

Building products, services and communicating to people on their terms and around there life is more important than
ever, creating people centric brands and the humanisation of digital is vital to be competitive. To be continued!!!

Authencity also plays a big part of communication to humans. I will be reexamining some cases that handle
these issues well, from brand perspectives through to design aesthetics, semiotics, positioning and message.

Return on Design

Design is back!!! But it never went away I hear you shout! That is true, but there seems to be a greater emphasis
and approach to design which the masses are now aware of and appreciate much more.

The masses and consumers now value and recognise design in other areas than just cars, houses and the everyday
products and household appliances. Obviously this has been fueled by the rise of Apple and it's shift into consumer
products. References can be made to other technology shifts throughout history, such as the car, once a new technology,
just a machine, an engine on wheels that functioned, the form and beauty came later through design and this seems to
be what is happening, especially within electronics, technology, online and digital design at the moment.

One of the most relevant places for this to be seen is within app design and in online generally. Due to the usage
and adoption rates we're seeing UX and UI design become more important to brands, products and services.
Design is being seen as a selling point and a way to build stronger brands and relationships. Companies that offer digital
services have seen their usage rates jump are now building stronger internal teams that constantly improve the experiences.

App development (especially mobile) is seeing fantastic innovation in both function and design, due to the restrictions
in screen size and greater behaviour analysis. App development and UX companies are prototyping, launching, learning
fast and adjusting fast. This model has worked well for Google over the years and is something brands could and should
adopt, instead of redesigning for a year just to find out a rival has got there first or there is a new faster way, technology etc.

Other interesting steps away from pixels in terms of navigation and UX, is gesture control with new products such as
Leap, eye tracking navigation, voice control and something we've been seeing more of in the toy and gaming industry,
brainwave control. We're currently moving into an exciting time where more humanistic approaches are finding there way
into user experience with the use of haptics instead of buttons. Responsive online design will start to become more wide
spread, partly as a way to cope with the never ending devices and systems that are appearing. Digital within the retail
environment also has huge potential. This all adds up to communicating to humans, business to humans and HX...
Human Experience.

To be continued!

Part 2 coming soon, including; Personalisation, Data, AR Evolution, Back to TV, Collaboration
and other hopefully interesting things.

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