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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Beck, David Bowie & Live Music Evolution

Beck has always been a musical cameleon, changing and constantly pushing styles from album to album. 
Bowie the same, it's great to see his new album on the top of the charts globally.
Critics are calling it the best come back of all time, but you don't need a critic to tell you that ;-)

In this experience Beck has teamed up with Chris Milk to pay homage to the Bowie track 'Sound & Vision' 
- and might just have realised an avenue for the music industry at the same time...
sure there is YouTube live events and other filmed music sites, but this is a much richer experience.

When broadband speeds expand could a fan of an artist pay a small fee to see a live gig
from the other side of the world? As the songs are performed live could you purchase them
first from the site, or at the end of the performance? The interaction here, letting the user
choose their own camera view gives a personalised touch and is something Chris Milk is
really getting great at, involving the audience. You can see this in his other projects for Arcade Fire.
You could still do this with many viewers at the same time if launched a little after the
live performance and the broadband was in place, or let people see in a queuing system 
or by a sign-up / notify process. I once worked on a music project called 'Almost Live', 
a collaboration between record labels and cinemas, but it was nothing like this. 

Spotify are currently looking to expand their brand and services as they don't own 
the music you play, they pay the record labels every time you listen to something,
they are rumoured to be getting into TV content, interesting but isn't everyone these days.

So what if Spotify started their own record label with new talent (there is enough out there)...
this would be a perfect platform for them to showcase the best talent on their label and
by creating gigs with bigger artists to headline would create demand and awareness. 
By charging a small fee to view the gig it would create a unique revenue system which
supports the up and coming music ;-)


Check out the experience HERE >>>

WARNING - HD version best viewed with no other applications running etc 
It will take a while to load, so go do something else for a while ;-)

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