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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New Google Glass demo video

I'm a big fan of Google Glass! Not for what it is at the moment, but for what it can be,
the potential it holds. Developers are going to do some amazing things with this device,
it will change the mobile industry, photography, video, social, location, navigation and a 
lot more. I'm not talking next year or the year after, 3 or 4 years perhaps. It's going to take 
a long time for people to get their heads around the idea and look. It was the same for
cars, computers and phones. And like most things these days, there is room for other
players to innovate on top and around. I see collaborations with fashion brands
(frame makers) such as CK etc. There are also a lot of smaller tech companies who have
been working on similar devices for years. Will these get bought out (or in rather) by the
other tech and media companies who rule today? 

The digital future is going to look and feel very different from today. How and where we
view and consume information shifts so fast. There is some ironic human evolutions 
going on currently, technology shifts (for humanity) vs money (gain)... I guess this can 
be seen through other similar time periods, such as during industrial revolution... 
but I'm gonna save those thoughts and insights for another blog post. 

AR evolution will play into this product and advances at some point. Imagine blippar tech in 
pair of glasses, walking through the city looking at logos or advertising, looking through a
magazine or TV, or even looking at a persons face to get information... 
I guess google image search will be in there (formally google googles). 

I love the first person view, the idea of seeing things through others' eyes and increasing 
the experience senses is something I feel has been lacking online and in digital communication 
and advertising lately. Information, collaborations, social spread and video content has
ruled brand engagement...
it's time for more feeling and interaction again. Not that the right content or 
collaborations are wrong, just there needs to be more emotion again. Advertising can
become a wow factor again if it's connected to the right first person AR experience.

The unfortunate downfall for human beings though, is the in real life one. If we are all
watching first person HD videos by our friends in social networks, will we even need to 
experience it, will it take the buzz out of doing it yourself later, will it feel like doing the new
thing again? This has the potential for social bragging. There are a lot of privacy issues 
that need to be ironed out also, as well as attention and over connection flaws. 

But I look forward to seeing the real potential pan out ;-)

CHECK out the nice new site here...

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