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Thursday, 29 January 2009

TEASE + HONESTY = Desire & Trust = Loyalty With Brand

Last night I caught up with Miriam from the Insider's Journal - The Björn Borg Blog. We always get caught chatting
(amongst other things) about social / blogging etc. The conversation was mainly based around what a brand, especially
a clothing / fashion brand should show on their blog, in this case her blog. I backed her up and told her it was great
being this open and transparent, it's the right balance without giving too much away.
I understand this may be a sore point within the creative industries, especially with older CDs / CEOs who maybe don't 
understand the power of community and being open, or how that can feed back into the brand in a positive way.

Anyway you get the picture, I could talk for ages about this subject...

but strangely this morning a mutual friend sent me this link... from Walter Naeslunds blog... saying basically the same 
thing about the same post and approaches we had been talking about last night.

It's gonna be a very different world in the near future, once this way of thinking is standard. Maybe it will go
round full circle with some form of secrecy being the best strategy, will openness become too obvious? Telling our
ideas on blogs before we've even created them is already here, whatever is next... I look forward to it :-)

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