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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

YO SUSHI - Service Provider

I was back in the UK during the holidays and one thing I always do is pop into YO! Sushi for a bite. Not only do they
have a vast fresh menu (not just fish) but the fact that it goes round in front of you, giving you more choice to try
different things is appealing. The colour plate (cost) system also makes the experience quick, easy and simple.

One of the best elements is that if you find you want to order something hot and can't get the chefs attention in the
middle, there is a BIG red help button right in front of you to call the waitress. These attentions to detail and great
service is something many brands and companies should take note of, especially in these current times.

Good service and customer care is a classic and proven strategy, especially if there is no budget to produce fun,
innovative ideas and concepts, I guess some of the best innovation comes from no money ;-)

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